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Some Common Concerns

The book, Some Common Concerns, by PLATFORM et al, published in October 2002, helps the reader to imagine what the proposed pipelines system would be like if it were built. The book recounts the 13 years of planning, the political positioning of the three host countries (and crucially of the USA and Britain), the strategic manoeuvring of BP and its partner companies. The book examines the experience of BP's three biggest existing pipeline systems, in the North Sea, in Alaska and in Colombia - and asks whether the similar patterns of environmental damage, human rights issues, economic injustices can be expected from the AGT pipelines system.

By creating a picture of the proposed pipelines system, and the complex network of organisations backing it (led by BP), the book aims to help members of civil society and campaigners actively influence decisions about the project.

Download whole book as pdf (2.5 MB)

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TIMELINE for development of pipeline: key events (262 kB)

Buy the book! Order a print copy of the definitive guide to the BTC project, ‘Some Common Concerns’. Please send a cheque for £11.50 (inc. p&p) payable to ‘Ilisu Dam Campaign’, Box 210, 266 Banbury Rd, Oxford OX2 7DL.