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26 August 2008:
Campaign challenges BTC's financers over conflict
The BTC pipeline is intimately connected with the conflict between Georgia and Russia and the target of a PKK attack in Turkey. Financers of the project have contributed to destabilisation of the region and failed in their due diligence, according to letters sent by NGOs.

Letter to Export Credit Guarantee Dept
Letter to National Audit Office

12 July 2006:
Oil addicts find new veins as BTC pipeline finally opens
As state dignitaries, oil men and bankers gather in Turkey for the much delayed launch of BP’s Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline, international campaigners are charging BP with failing affected communities and the local environment.

Press Release

26 May 2006:
"We're not going away!"
40 people protested outside BP's headquarter to mark the arrival of the first super-tanker to Ceyhan port. "The pipes might be buried, but we'll continue to challenge BP's plans."


25 May 2006:
First cargo shipped in via Baku-Supsa!
BP is obscuring delays to its flagship BTC pipeline by filling the first tanker to leave Ceyhan with oil previously pumped through a different pipeline.

Press Release

12 May 2006:
BTC a Year late and a Billion Dollars over Cost
BP has admitted that its flagship pipeline is facing cost overruns of $1 billion - an astonishing 32 per cent over budget
Press Release


12 March 2006:

Full reports of fact-finding missions to Georgia and Turkey

17 February 2006:
Private banks warned over liability if BTC leaks

Banks including RBS and ABN AMRO could be liable if BTC leaks as a result of the failing SPC 2888 anti-corrosion coating.

3 November 2005:
Azerbaijan Elections: Embracing Autocracy
Media briefing on BP’s role as a pillar of the Aliev regime

12 October 2005:

Human rights, social and environmental impacts

Preliminary report of fact-finding mission to Georgia and Turkey

16 September 2005:
"The campaign is only just beginning"
Declaration by civil society organisations, Tbilisi

24 May 2005:
New reports find BTC pipeline unsafe for Azeri citizens
On the eve of the pipeline's grand opening new findings reveal significant environmental and social concerns

13 May 2005:
USAID report 2002-2004
Adverse impacts of Multilateral Development Bank assistance proposals

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Pipes lie ready for burial in Georgia

Evidence of pipeline safety threats

The House of Commons Trade & Industry Committee has released evidence demonstrating serious failures in the pipeline corrosion protection system, which could lead to a major oil spill.

Government admits failing BP pipeline was experimental engineering
New article (24 November 2004) by journalist Michael Gillard, published by the Baku Ceyhan Campaign

What's the problem? Field joint coatings - The basics

The full story: Pipeline corrosion threat covered up by BP

Transcript of Committee ECGD hearing on BTC (uncorrected)

List of evidence released by Committee

Summary of evidence presented to Committee by the Baku Ceyhan Campaign

Link to Trade & Industry Committee page
Full sets of evidence are available on request from the Committee


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